Enclose your outdoor porch, deck, sunroom or gazebo.

If you are going to build a 3-Season room, why not build it with the best? WeatherMaster Windows and Doors give you a mix of luxury and functionality by offering a variety of design options as well as protection throughout the changing seasons. Enclose your outdoor living space with WeatherMaster Windows and Doors below... Take a look!

Why WeatherMaster?  

The WeatherMaster Window System combines the open feeling of a screen room and the comfort and convenience of a three season room.

Create a space for memories that last a lifetime. Expand your living space and enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

WeatherMaster Windows are available in 7 colours with many screen and tinting options available to get the perfect look and function you desire.

Style, safety, and flexible design are the cornerstones of the WeatherMaster Window System. WeatherMaster Porch Windows are built with the durable View Flex Vinyl Glazing that keeps out rain, snow, dust and bugs. The nylon guide tracks allow smooth operation, opening each window up or down for up to 75% ventilation.

WeatherMaster Window Systems are easily installed and can convert any area into your favourite 3-season room in the house! You CAN have your dream outdoor living space that remains CLEAN, DRY and BUG FREE!

These maintenance free units are custom made to your specifications. They are an easy DIY project or we can professionally install them for you.

WeatherMaster Vertical 4 Track Windows


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WeatherMaster Horizontal Sliding Porch Windows


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WeatherMaster Entry Doors


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WeatherMaster Plus Stacking Door System


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WeatherMaster Windows by Nortech

WeatherMaster windows stop dust, rain, and snow damage to your furniture and outdoor space.

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WeatherMaster windows are a great way to expand the usefulness of your recreational space, and bring you the comfort and convenience of a three-season room. Here are 5 good reasons to convert your outdoor space with WeatherMaster windows:

  1. 1. WeatherMaster windows are available in 7 colours, and have screen and tinting options.
  2. 2. WeatherMaster windows have style, safety, and flexible design to get the perfect look and function that you desire.
  3. 3. WeatherMaster windows’ guide tracks allow smooth operation and up to 75% ventilation.
  4. 4. WeatherMaster windows are maintenance free and custom-made to your specifications.
  5. 5. No bugs!
WeatherMaster Windows by Nortech


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WeatherMaster Windows are built with the durable View Flex Vinyl Glazing that keeps out inclement weather in a lightweight panel that is easy to operate.

You CAN have the screened-in porch feel in a space that remains CLEAN and DRY! Want three season glass windows? These horizontal sliders are available in glass!

Entry Doors

WeatherMaster Windows by Nortech

The Sunspace WeatherMaster Pre-Hung Entry Door is a great addition to your porch or sunroom.

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The Sunspace WeatherMaster Pre-Hung Entry Door is a great addition to your porch or sunroom.

With various designs and colours, select a single door (or double) that matches your home’s décor and style. The Sunspace WeatherMaster Entry Door is also available as a patio door.

  1. 1. Custom sized to fit openings
  2. 2. In-swing or out-swing option.
  3. 3. Stainless steel threshold.
  4. 5. Single wide doors up to 42” wide and 96” tall.
  5. 6. Double doors up to 84” wide and 114” tall.
  6. 7. Comes with locking hardware available in silver, bronze, or antique brass.
  7. 8. Clean, dry and bug free!

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