Window Installation Instructions 

Silicone caulking and colour matched screws are included with your purchase.

  1. Remove packaging, pre-drill holes in line with window sashes (if desired), apply silicone to back of window flanges.
  2. Centre and square-up window frame inside opening. Fasten a screw into each corner. 
  3. Use shims, if needed, to maintain the same width in the middle of the window as the top and bottom. 
  4. Fasten the sides with screws at each meeting rail (see outside view diagram below).
  5. Fasten the header and sill with one screw above the centre spreader bar. 
  6. If needed, tighten the screen by removing the spline on one vertical side, pull the screen tight, and insert the spline. Trim off excess screen. 
  7. Operate the window panels and adjust frames if needed. 
  8. If window panels are too loose and do not stay in place, additional tension can be gained by shimming frames closer together. 

Window Installation Instructions-1