Sunspace Weathermaster vs Competition
WeatherMaster Window Example

Sunspace WeatherMaster Window:

  1. 1. Equal-sized vents.
  2. 2. No pins or springs on panel faces.
  3. 3. Nylon inserts into aluminum frame for smooth operation.
  4. 4. Clean lines for appearance.
  5. 5. 1" Jamb thickness perfect for interior trim details if desired.
  6. 6. Seven colours available.
WeatherMaster Window Example

The Competition:

  1. 1. Unequal vent sizes step down in width.
  2. 2. Push pin and spring system on panel face.
  3. 3. Aluminum track resulting in metal on metal operation.
  4. 4. Angled track lines causing staggered appearance.
  5. 5. Narrow jamb preventing interior trim boards.
  6. 6. Few colours available.
  7. 7. Limited size and configuration options.

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